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The very latest on our PNC search for a new Pastor.

In case you haven't heard...

Update - 3/26/23

We have a very promising candidate. We are moving forward with the next level of interviews and the next steps in the process with Heartland Presbytery. We are very hopeful about this candidate and we ask for your continued prayers as we discern where God is leading us. We know everyone is anxious to have a new full time pastor. We thank you for respecting the process and the confidentiality required to fulfill our task. We are very grateful for the trust you have placed in us as your PNC. 

As a reminder the members of the PNC are: Marg Bandre, Roxee Beaver, Brian Boye, Roger Carroll, Lance Dwyer, Jacob Loesch, Katie Murphy and Randy Stone. 

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions and we will answer them as best we can. We all believe this is in God’s hands and have faith He will bring the right pastor to our congregation.

The fun has started! 3/2/23

The PNC has conducted interviews with a number of candidates, and have more scheduled in the coming weeks!

We can't really say much about the candidates, but we've been very impressed so far!

Every day is one step closer to a new chapter in our church!

Busy time is approaching 2/5/23

The PNC met this Sunday morning to develop a plan. We have already received a number of PIFs (Pastoral Information Form) from the CNC's database, as well as some self-referrals.

PNC has developed a plan to reach out to these candidates, and agreed upon a framework on how we'll interview candidates once our first choices have been selected.

Stay tuned!

PNC Search - The search is officially underway! 1/26/23

The PNC is pleased to announce that our MIF has been approved by the COM and we have been entered into the online system. This means we will soon begin getting the list of potential candidates and their personal PIFs.

We should start receiving PIFs soon and we will begin reviewing them ASAP.

PNC update

Quick update!

The PNC committee has completed the MIF. Next step, it goes before the session.

Assuming Session approves, we'll send it along to the COM at the Presbytery office.

PNC Meeting 10/22/22

Present: S. Alley, R. Beaver, B. Boye, R. Carroll, L. Dwyer, Rev. D. Jackson, J. Loesch, K. Murphy, R. Stone

Excused: M. Bandre

(Hybrid meeting of Zoom and in-person)

PNC opened with Prayer

Thank You for every seat that has been filled here, today. For each mind and heart that fills the presence of this room, we thank You. Only You truly know what we are setting out to accomplish today. We have an idea, a vision, hints, and daily instructions. We have talents, abilities, and time to work.

we place our work and ourselves into your hands.

Anoint our creativity, our ideas, our energy

so that even the smallest task may bring You honor.

God, when we are challenged, guide us, when we are weary, energize us.

May the work that we do and the way that we do it, bring hope, life and courage to all with whom we touch.

Discussed the 10 Leadership Competencies and finalized that list.

Assembling comments on Question 5:

For what specific tasks, assignments, and program areas will this person have responsibility?

Katie, Susan and Brian will compile the info included in the Google Doc. 

Next meeting set for 11/5 at 9:30am. 

Hybrid meeting of in-person and Zoom. 

PNC Meeting 10/11/22

Present: S. Alley, M. Bandre, R. Beaver, B. Boye, R. Carroll, L. Dwyer, J. Loesch, K. Murphy, R. Stone

Opened with Prayer

Filled out some of data needed. 

Worked on questions 1-4.

Question 5 left as “Homework Assignment” for next meeting on 10/25 at 9:30 at Church and on Zoom.

Closed in prayer.

PNC Meeting 10/1/22

PNC Meeting 10/1/22

Present: S. Alley, R. Beaver, B. Boye, R. Carroll, L. Dwyer, J. Loesch, K. Murphy

Excused: Stone, Bandre

Called to Order with Prayer by KM

PNC reviews 2022 Mission Study report (MSR) and finds info/data we need to confirm/update.

Revised summary statement at the end of the MSR

PNC members list qualities seeking in Lead Pastor:

  • Pastor who takes message from Bible and turns it into a real-world sermon. “Something I can take home with me.” 
  • Pastor who can make people laugh. Younger pastor with a growing family. 

  • Someone who has no assumptions from past experiences. “…not just someone who’s the opposite of the last person.” Not political. 

  • Engaging with congregation. Super active within the community. Not just church community but LS as a whole. 

  • Real-world messages. Pastor who can talk about sensitive issues without people considering it “political.” Help FPCLS become “that church that does (this).” 

  • Messages should have hope, but you should feel challenged. 

Discussion of Transparency plans.

How can we communicate to the congregation where we are at?

BB has the Blog on the website

Rotating members of PNC will speak during minute for mission.

This week, RB and KM will give the weekly update. 

Next Meetings: 

10/11 at 7pm via Zoom

10/22 at 9:30AM in person with Zoom

First PNC meeting - 9/24/22

PNC Zoom 9/24

Susan Alley, MWS

PNC: M. Bandre, R. Beaver, B. Boye, R Carroll, L. Dwyer, R. Stone, K. Murphy

Excused: J. Loesch


Moderator - K. Murphy

Secretary - B. Boye

Review EEO statement

MIF will be first priority. Combine with Mission Study.

Approval from Session

Approval from COM

Dale Jackson likes to review before it goes to COM

After COM approval, it goes into the Church Leadership Connection on the PCUSA site

Become familiar with Heartland Presby website.

Once it’s into the system, we start getting matches and referrals.

Draft Questions - Example Questions on page 38 (slide 17) of “On Calling a Pastor”

Upon finalist selection (2 or 3 people), executive to Executive checks are done to see if there are any issues. (COM/Presbytery task)

After finalists are chosen, COM does “Fit Interviews” with candidate to make sure they are a good fit for both the congregation and the Presbytery. 


Decide on how often to meet

PNC needs to review documents Susan has provided.

PNC needs to review MIF and Mission Study

Next meeting: 10/1 @9:30AM