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Give Online

Forget your checkbook? No cash in hand on Sunday AM? Here's the solution!

Online Offering!

Now there are two ways to give online! If you miss a Sunday worship, or just don't have cash/check on hand, now you can schedule regular online giving in just a few clicks.

Do you see the brightly-colored button in the bottom right? Click it! Our new website allows for easy and secure online donations. You can set up weekly offerings, or even a one-time donation for a special cause.

It's 100% secure and easy to figure out.

Or, if you're struggling to find the button, click the "Giving Flow" button below!

But I set up online donations before!

The previous website had a link to donate via the Presbyterian Foundation; and the plan is to leave that completely alone. If you set that up, it will still work. If you need to change/modify your giving through the Foundation, just click the button below.