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Welcome Rev. Dr. Alex Wales

Wales' Tales - 11/07/22

As dusk settles in

And skies turn to red

And yellow and purple and gold

The coming of autumn reminds us

That winter will be on the heels

Of a story that long has been told

Of leaves in bright colors

Like paint on the trees,

That suddenly turn to dark brown

And fall to the ground

Being blown by the wind

Providing that rustling sound

That whispers of dying

Of sleep-in repose

When life seems to whither away

And winter will blanket with snows

The story is one with the promise of spring

Of new life that is waiting to bloom

That winter will pass and new hope

Will arise from what seems to be

Steeped in a tomb

A tomb in a garden

The door open wide

No body is there to be found

For now resurrection is soon coming forth

The promise of life is unwound

So winter is no longer fearsome or cold

For we know it will finally cease

And we will enjoy all the goodness of God

To experience God’s blessed…



Severe Weather and Cancelations

The church policy is to cancel all church activities on days and nights that Lee’s Summit public schools are canceled or have an early release due to inclement weather. 

Watch your local news for School Closings and specifically for “Church Closings” on KMBC Television (we will con-tact them).

All week-end cancellations will be decided by joint consultation between staff and Session.

Caring Ministries

Here at First Pres., we are all family and we are here for each other! Through volunteer efforts we offer many “Caring Ministries:” H.O.W. is our Hospitality on Wheels. We offer a few meals for those in need from surgeries, illnesses, bereavement, and more. If you are interested in preparing meals for someone, or if you have a need for a few meals yourself, contact Sharon Pyburn at the church, 524-3933, or email

The We Care team meets once a month. Members of this team reach out to our shut-ins. Contact Sharon Pyburn if you feel you

have time to visit with any of our members who can’t make it out to church.

Stephen Ministers

During difficult times, people often feel very alone. They may have no one to talk to who will really listen. Stephen Ministries give a listening ear—someone to talk

with about things you wouldn’t discuss with anyone else. Stephen Ministry is our ”one to one” compassionate care team. Stephen Leaders go through extensive training and they meet weekly with those who have concerns. If you have questions about the program, please contact John Fields or Sharon Pyburn.

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